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Meet Monk, My Weaving Studio Mascot

studio mascot Monk

Welcome to my blog.

That little guy up there is Monk, my Weave Me A Song studio mascot. He’s made of stone. He doesn’t need sunlight or water. He just sits there all day in the lotus position, head bowed, hands in namaste. 

Why does a weaver need a mascot? I don’t, really, but I like having him next to me while I weave, just sitting there looking peaceful and not saying anything.

mini tapestry
CinnaVanilla Mini Tapestry

Here’s something Monk helped me do a couple of weeks ago. It’s a mini weaving that hangs from a cinnamon stick and has a vanilla bean woven in. It’s called CinnaVanilla and you can see it on its own page. It’s part of a series of minis I include as a bonus with every larger tapestry.

Weaving is one of the oldest fiber crafts on earth. Bits of cloth woven 7,000 years ago have been found from China to the Andes.

But today, the demand for tapestries and other artisan home goods, especially those loosely called “Boho,” has exploded. Home decor magazines and blogs like Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow  and  Apartment Therapy are full of things like pillows and poufs. Tribal rugs.Big banks of house plants in hand-thrown pots. Even macrame and shades-of-the-’60s peacock chairs, updated for the 21st Century.

Textiles are a big part of the trend. They’re bright, they’re creative, they’re fun, and they won’t break the bank like an oil painting.

I love being part of the artisan tapestry movement. I’m weaving new tapestries all the time and I’ll be publishing a new blog post every week, usually on Thursday. I hope you’ll subscribe in the space to the right to keep up with what’s happening here at Weave Me A Song.



You must have a woven wall hanging. You can go easy with a dream catcher, step it up to a hanging piece, or get bold and throw a rug on the wall. However bold you want to go is up to you, but [a wall hanging] is an essential none the less.

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